Stone Canyon’s world-class curriculum is designed to provide your students with engaging learning opportunities in a non-conventional classroom setting.  Our expansive menu of classes is intended to be an addition to the larger units of study that you have planned during the school year.

We provide each school with a fully customized outdoor education experience.  Teachers choose six (6) day classes that fit their desired academic goals and student needs.  Based on your stated goals, we will create and provide a high-quality experience that will allow your students to explore and grow as learners.




We believe that there is always room to improve when it comes to the dynamics of any group or team! Our teambuilding curriculum will be tailored to the goals and desired outcomes you have for your students.  Through engaging activities and purposeful discussions, students will embark on a journey to advanced collaboration, critical thinking, and increased communication!

Balloon Rescue

Using the series Shark Tank as a model, this twist on the classic egg drop activity will require your students to collaborate and hone their leadership skills to engineer, build, and market a device that will protect a water balloon from a 20 foot drop.

High Ropes Course

One of most popular activities, our ropes course provides your students with an opportunity for physical, mental, and social growth. Safely secured 30 feet in the air, students have the chance to gain confidence and test boundaries.  Stone Canyon adheres to a Challenge by Choice model that encourages participants to set personal goals to challenge themselves, as well as support their peers.

Zip Line

Students will challenge and push themselves out of their comfort zone while they take an exhilarating ride down our dual 800-foot zip lines.

Outdoor Education

Art In Nature

Inspired by the works of renowned nature artist, Andy Goldsworthy, this activity encourages students to find their creative side.  Exploring the various biomes around our 99-acre site, young artists will learn Goldsworthy's techniques and use what they find in nature to create incredible installations.


One of our more popular activities, students learn the mechanics of archery, one of the oldest arts and means of survival.  Students received a lesson on safety, basic physics of a bow and arrow, and time to hone their skills.

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace is a set of principles created to promote conservation ethics in the outdoors. In this class, students will learn each of the seven principles, as well as participate in activities that will enable them to extend the philosophy of Leave No Trace into their daily lives as they venture into the outdoors.


No smartphone, no problem! Students will be able to learn how to use a map and compass, read a topographical map, and will navigate an orienteering course with the skills they've acquired.

Outdoor Skills

Our team of outdoor enthusiasts will be passing on real-world survival techniques to your students! Young survivalists will learn the 10 Essentials, proper fire-building techniques, emergency shelter building, and other basic principles for exploring the great outdoors.


Animal Survivor

The forest becomes the classroom in this activity that teaches the importance and dynamics of food chains/webs and how species depend on one another for survival.  Through experiential activities, our instructors help demonstrate the roles of herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores, as well as the availability of resources within a habitat.


In this fast-paced and fun-filled activity, students will learn the basic principles of aerodynamics.  Utilizing the engineering process, Newton's laws of motion and other information, students will design and launch a rocket.  Students will then use triangulation to determine how high their rockets were launched!

Fire Ecology

This interactive class will help students better understand fire behavior and the factors that influence a wildfire.  Our simulation of a "matchstick forest" will allow students to fully explore the basics of fire science and the various aspects that affect wildfire behavior.  Students will gain an understanding of fire mitigation and fire suppression strategies.

Energy Dilemma

In the 21st Century, the dilemma is real!  In this lesson we discuss renewable and non-renewable resources and the pros and cons of each.  We also examine the ecological footprint we leave behind.  The activity ends with students designing the blades for a model wind turbine and measuring the voltage produced by their design.

Freshwater Biology

Is Plum Creek healthy? Utilizing water quality tests and by hunting for bio-indicator species, students will lead an investigation to determine the overall health of a natural source of water at Stone Canyon.

Forest Ecology

Through a guided hike around our 99-acre property, students will explore the various ecosystems that exist at Stone Canyon.  Participants can expect to explore wildlife, symbiotic relationships, habitat indicators, and identify flora and fauna through hands-on activities and explorations.

Evening Activities

Barn Dance

A fun, high-energy way to end the evening!  Students learn different line dances to popular songs, as well as having some "free" dance time as well!

Astronomy Night Hike

Students will learn about the adaptations that help nocturnal animals survive and thrive, while enjoying the beautiful night sky!  Using laser pointers and our powerful new telescopes, celestial bodies come to life right before your students' eyes.

Owl Pellet Dissection

What do these nocturnal predators like to dine upon?  Students have the opportunity to analyze the diet of one of our favorite birds while seeing food webs come to life in front of them.  As these young scientists sift through beaks, bones, and skulls they will also be able to infer the health of these grand creatures.


The perfect way to end any outdoor education experience!  Camp songs, stories, stargazing, and bunk cheers make this activity a favorite.  And we all know a campfire just wouldn't be complete with s'mores!