Stone Canyon Summer Camp

Nobody should finish the summer without amazing stories to tell.  Stone Canyon will give you the setting; it is up to you to create the adventure. Experience laughter, thrills, and community this summer and let Stone Canyon be a part of your story.


Summer 2018 Session Dates

Session #1: June 17 - 23
Session #2: June 24 - June 30
Session #3: July 1 - 7
Session #4: July 8 - 14

Frequently Asked Questions

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Alicia Gerber
Summer Camp Program Manager


Summer in the Canyon

Stone Canyon sits on 99 beautiful acres in the Rampart Range. Our camp is at capacity with 90 campers. We find this is the perfect size to not only ensure that each camper is able to receive individual attention, but also allows us to build a strong community. We aim to create an environment where our campers are able to build genuine friendships that will last a lifetime! Click through the links below to get a glimpse of the the summer camp experience.