Clubs Overview

During the registration process, campers will sign up for a Specialty Club. These clubs meet each day with the same instructors; we aim to give the campers the coaching they need to build on their skills for a particular activity. 

We are excited to announce our clubs for Summer 2017!


Thrill Seekers

Our thrill seekers are excited about anything and everything that camp has to offer. This club will include:

  • sports
  • high ropes course
  • archery
  • zip line
  • outdoor rock climbing
  • and more!

For their final thrill, these campers will venture to Castlewood Canyon for a day of rock climbing and rappelling with our highly trained staff. This club is for our high-energy campers who want to do as much as possible in their week at Stone Canyon!


Got Science? 

This club is for our campers who love to explore the unknown! These young scientists will fill their mornings with experiments designed to help us better understand force and motion. Experiments will include:

  • launching rockets
  • riding the zip line
  • building a giant three-man slingshot
  • and more!

Get ready to be amazed everyday as we unwrap scientific mysteries!


creative minds

For those campers passionate about creativity, the Creative Minds Club is the perfect fit.  Our campers will experience a variety of artistic activities, including:

  • painting
  • writing
  • acting
  • fashion designing

At the end of the week, the campers will have a chance to perform their talents in the all-camp Variety Show.


Outdoor Avengers

Young outdoor enthusiasts will spend their mornings adventuring in the canyon. Their adventures will include:

  • fire building
  • hiking
  • archery
  • primitive camping skills

At the end of the week, our explorers will put their skills to the test by camping overnight in the canyon. Campers will hike out, build fires, and of course, make s'mores!


Team Cuisine

Stone Canyon will be whipping up a new batch of chefs this summer. Campers in our culinary club will learn how to create a meal from start to finish. They will:

  • read and understand recipes
  • prep ingredients
  • learn knife skills
  • how to plate the meal

At the end of the week, the campers will put their skills to the test in Stone Canyon's very own cooking competition. Who will be Stone Canyon's Top Chef this summer?