Stone Canyon Clubs give campers an opportunity to develop a specific skill set throughout the week. Campers meet with their club Monday through Thursday for two hours a day and the counselors working with each group are knowledgeable and passionate about the skills they are sharing.

In addition to gaining a new skill, clubs allow campers to bond with a group of kids outside of their cabin group. Finally, we top off each week with a culminating activity that allows campers to showcase their new talents!

We do not require campers to have prerequisite skills or knowledge. Campers can select a club because they want to try something new or to develop skills they already have.

You will be able to select your camper’s club during the registration process. Each club has a capacity of 12 and are first come first serve. Stone Canyon offers five different clubs for campers to chose from. Scroll below to read more about our offerings and finding the perfect match for your camper.


Thrill Seekers

Thrill Seekers will participate in all of Stone Canyon’s heart-pounding adventures. Campers will experience high ropes, zip line, a variety of team sports, and an outdoor climbing trip to Castlewood Canyon. This club is for our high-energy campers who want to do as much as possible in their week at Stone Canyon! Thrill Seekers is the only club divided by age. 9-11 year olds will be grouped together and 12-15 year olds will be together.


Got Science?

Are you a scientist at heart? Are you ready to explore the unknown, calculate speeds on the zip line, launch things into the air, and conduct crazy experiments? Look no further; this club is perfect for you! Camper’s will dive into hands-on experiments and a variety of science-inspired activities.


Outdoor Avengers

Young outdoor enthusiasts will spend their mornings adventuring in our beautiful, 99-acre canyon learning how to build a fire, identify edible plants, and assemble a shelter in the outdoors. Campers will put all of their news skills to the test on an overnight campout.


Creative Minds

Discover and showcase your passions in this artistic club. These creative campers will get an opportunity to paint, sculpt with nature, act in the camp-wide variety show, and so much more. Develop your talents and discover new creative outlets.


Team Cuisine

Stone Canyon will be whipping up a fresh batch of chefs this summer. Campers will learn how to create a meal from start to finish while experimenting with a wide variety of dishes. These new chefs will find confidence in the kitchen, gain an understanding of meal etiquette, and develop new skills that they can share with their family at home!