Green U
Sustainability Conference

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Environmental education provides opportunities for students to engage in authentic inquiry into real-world problems, problem-solving solutions to issues, implementing action plans, and then measuring results. Through EE, teachers empower students to utilize each one of the 21st Century Skills: global awareness, financial literacy, health and wellness, resiliency, civic responsibility, and systems thinking.


At Green U, we want to teach educators how to address the 21st Century Skills and empower their students to put them into action. Workshop Sessions are being finalized, but may include:

  • Healthy Schools

  • Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE)

  • Food Waste & Rescue

  • Grant Writing & Finding Resources

  • School Gardens Curriculum and Implementation

  • Design Thinking through Outdoor Learning

  • Student-led Project-Based Learning

  • Energy Conservation

  • Waste Diversion

  • Environmental Investigations

Join us in November to learn how to implement sustainability efforts at your school, build coalitions with your colleagues from around the District, and how to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.