Summer Camp Store Account

Camp Store stars photo.JPG
Camp Store stars photo.JPG

Summer Camp Store Account

from 10.00

Camp Store Accounts
Camp Store Accounts allow campers to purchase items listed below everyday during camp store hours.  Emails will be sent out to parents for Camp Store Account replenishment options.

Items available are:

Stamps .50

Frozen Treats:
Strawberry Short Cake Bars 1.50
Ice Cream Sandwich 1
Popsicles 1
Chocolate Éclair Bars 1.50

CANDY: M&M’s, Twix & Starbursts 1

DRINKS: Gatorade: Cool Blue, Grape, & Fruit Punch 2

SNACKS: Granola bars, Cookies, Chips, Doritos, Cheetos


Tank Tops, Adult XS-XL 16
T-Shirts - YM, YL, AS-AXXL, 3 varieties, 7 colors 18
Hoodies - YM, YL, AS-AXXL, 2 colors 35
Knit Hat, One Size, One color 15
Stickers, One Size, 2 varieties 1.5
Nalgene Bottle: - 32oz 15
Nalgene Bottle: - 16oz 12

Trucker Hat 25


NON REFUNDABLE: Camp store account money is non-refundable when the Campers account is BELOW $5.00. Since these accounts are non-refundable, any remaining funds can be spent on Saturday by the parents during pick-up or donated to camp. All donations will be used to support next year’s Summer Camp Scholarships.

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